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There were lots of exhalations and sighs-of-relief at Perfect Organics, at our partner organization Healthy Child Healthy World and in the rest of the environmental awareness “community” as January 13th launched the start of the “National Children’s Study”.  A groundbreaking endeavor, The National Children's Study (NCS) will follow 100,000 American children from preconception until the age of 21 to deepen our understanding of illnesses such as allergies, asthma, ADHD, and chronic diseases like autism, diabetes and obesity. The study is funded annually by Congress and will be carried out in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as a host of universities, hospitals, research centers and NGOs.  We are very proud of our partner organization, Healthy Child Healthy World, as they have been working tirelessly to educate on the necessity of this study.  As Healthy Child board member Dr. Phil Landrigan said when speaking of the NCS, “It is certain to significantly inform the basis of child health advice, interventions, and policy for generations to come.”

Raising children as naturally as possible is fast becoming entrenched in the minds of parents and caretakers, and with good reason.  There is overwhelming evidence that routine exposure to synthetic chemicals, hormones and toxic substances is threatening the long term health and well being of our children.  Aside from Healthy Child Healthy World (, below are a just few of our favorite sites to visit when talking about healthy kids and a healthy planet.

Children’s Health Environmental Justice – a national non-profit based nearby in Falls Church, VA

Mom's Made Foods – another local favorite - healthy organic food for babies and kids!

Beyond Learning  - eco-friendly board games!

Bum Genius- ‘modern’ cloth diapers

Be well!

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